Photography By Stefanie harron

Canada Photographic Arts Society, A Registered Non-Profit Organization

Wildlife & Landscape Photography

From the shores of the Pacific to the Atlantic, and Arctic oceans, it's my goal to try and capture as much as I can from behind my lens so that generations to come can seen the beauty that is everywhere.

When I am taking a photo and looking through my viewfinder, I don't ask myself how does it look. I always ask myself how does it make me feel!


Stefanie captures life in all aspects with her Photography! Before I even met her I saw and felt things that would bring out emotion in any photo I looked at, or just happened to glance at. When you do meet her and talk to her you will know why! her Photography is her! and she's a wonderful human being! Her photographs are expressions of not only her soul but Mirrors of her life and the Universe with everything in it! ARTIST!!!! just isn't enough! of a word to describe her talent!

Kevin Palmer