About Me


"I am happiest listening to the trees talk as the wind sings its song, while watching the light dance"...

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1968, and immigrating to Canada when I was a teenager, I have tried to capture the beauty of my surroundings and the vast wilderness’s of Canada through my camera. Having settled and making my home in the town of Castlegar, West Kootenay's, British Columbia, has given me a vastness of opportunities in this land of diverse cultures, endless mountains and forests.  Through the years since I was a small child I have had a deep heartfelt connection with the wilderness and wildlife in their natural habitats, it is a strong spiritual connection that brings me endless peace and leaves me feeling balanced with the world and society. I was introduced to photography at a young age developing film and prints from about the age of 9 and my education in photographic arts progressed through Grammar School in Northern Ireland and College in Canada. 

 I am an advocate for wildlife conservation, habitat preservation and education

When I am taking a photo and looking through my viewfinder, I don't ask myself, “How does it look?” I always ask myself, “How does it make me feel?”  

Stefanie Harron


Canada Photographic Art’s Society
Wildlife and Landscape photography, Photojournalism, Photographic arts education, Videography.
Member of The Canadian Association of Journalists
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