🛑 STOP 🛑  Please don't trample us!

🛑 STOP 🛑 Please don't trample us!

September 04, 2021

~ I got the chance to photograph some of the Arctics Lichen's on my most recent trip to the Canadian Arctic Circle, a lot of them only a few millimetres in size (Photographed with a macro lens) it kind of looks like I was underwater on a corral but these nest around the rocks and soils of our Arctic. Some of these only grow at 0.09mm a year and live in excess of 4,500 years so enjoy and remember, Look before you step! 🙂

Common Powderhorn (Cladonia coniocraea), Powdered Funnel Lichen  (Cladonia cenotea), Arctic Frosted Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria vella), Fet Horn Lichen (Cladonia phyllophora), Dragon Horn (Cladonia squamosa), Black-footed Reindeer Lichen (Cladina stygia)

Black-footed Reindeer Lichen (Cladina stygia)Common Powderhorn (Cladonia coniocraea)Arctic Frosted Rock Tripe (Umbilicaria vella)Powdered Funnel Lichen  (Cladonia cenotea)Trumpet Lichen (Cladonia fimbriata)Dragon Horn (Cladonia squamosa)

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